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Rule of Using this Forum : Protocol for better usage

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  • Rule of Using this Forum : Protocol for better usage

    Welcome to HRTrendz.
    Our sole purpose here is to help any upcoming HRs with all possible materials and solutions, for them to excel in this line. Check us for documents, formats, checklists, presentations, anything that you need to set up your HR process. Also share ideas, news, issues, etc with HRs all over the world, who will be glad to give their suggestions. So lets see how we can get started.
    1. Introductions are not compulsory, so just post an one liner for the sake of it, or you can take a few minutes of your time to let everyone know you better.
    2. English is the only way out here. Interesting discussion and grammatically correct and beautiful English guarantees higher views and responses.
    3. This is a discussion forum for HRs and not a marketing portal. Please don’t come here to sell or scan for leads. None of these practices will be tolerated on threads, or private message boards.
    4. There may have already been a discussion on your topic. Someone else may have already asked a question you just thought of; search our engines before posting.
    5. Please be nice and cordial. Have healthy debates and interesting, discussions. No one likes to come back to a place where there’s condescension, insulting or abusing materials. Bullies will be banned.
    6. Make every discussion , thread response, topic, count. Lol, OK, Aha do not further a conversation. Add value to every content you put out there.
    7. Do not reveal your contacts . Here, our ideas define us; not our identity. Do not reveal anyone’s or your personal contact information on this medium. We will not be responsible for the 4 am call that woke you up.
    8. Be subtle in making your point. Gigantic, green colour fonts will not get you more attraction. This is a professional site, so let us all behave similarly.
    9. Do respect the moderators – They are cleaning up the forum for you.. Send the admin a private message if you disagree with a moderator’s conduct.
    10. Relevant content is important. Please post content related to the forum topic or subtopic or the discussion thread where you are posting. Offtopic posts and thread will be moved/removed without intimation.
    11. Please do not spam us with repetitive post. Neither do they get noticed but causes nuisance as well.
    All the best. Thank You.
    : Admin :

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    Has anybody worked on Succession Planning ? What is the process and documents required ?


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