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Ways to Improve Employee Punctuality

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  • Ways to Improve Employee Punctuality

    Hi All,
    We have a very friendly environment in our office, but people are taking advantage of this. Most of the people are coming late to office and Taking Long Lunch and even Coffee Breaks. From Management side we are not happy with this situation and we want to issue a kind of warning letter to all. Is this right to send a Memo / Warning Letter to all? Please Suggest Some Ways To Do It.

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    Hi Nirav Chaterjee,
    Issuing memo/Warning Letter to all staff would only discourage the situation. Instead, you start taking lunch/tea with them, when you all reach the time limit. Tell all to get dispersed in gentle way. This Idea can be helpful for you.
    Abhay Jacob


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      Give instructions to come office on time otherwise payment will be detected and also specify lunch and tea break time.
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