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Games and activities for Employees

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  • Games and activities for Employees

    Hi All,

    We are planning to organize games and other team building activities at our office. We are looking forward to develop the team spirit and make the employees understand the essence of working in a team. Kindly suggest some games or activities.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Could you please furnish me with certain details like: Total number of employees, where were you planning to conduct- within the office premises or outside, expected duration of the activities.

    Jyoti Sri


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      Hi Jyoti,

      Thanks for your reply.
      We are 60 employees in total, planning to conduct in the office premises probably on the terrace area for nearly a duration of 2 hours or so.



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        Hi Harish,

        Team building activities are known for promoting communication between the team members and also to develop a rapport within the team.

        Since you guys are planning to do it within the office premises make it simple, yet effective. For a count of 60 employees, without involving much preparation, I would suggest you for something like Tug of war, Build an object with the resources given, Passing the marble from first person to last person in a team with the help of a flat pipe without the marble falling down, Collage with a specific theme, Relay an object, Potluck or decoration of office in teams, etc.

        Good luck. Ill add more.

        Jyoti Sri


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