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Employee Exit Interview Form Format

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  • Employee Exit Interview Form Format

    Exit Interview is a survey conducted with an individual who is separating from the organization. An exit interview is the most accurate instrument in assessing the issues that drive an individual to leave an organization. Employers ask exit interview questions either verbally or through a questionnaire process. A questionnaire can be prepared taking all the possible reasons that could lead to the exit of an employee into consideration.

    The information gathered from this survey is considered as the feedback to understand about the departure of the employee, assess what should be improved, changed, or remain intact. More so, an organization can use the results from exit interviews to reduce employee or member turnover and increase productivity and engagement. Proper Departure Survey is an excellent opportunity for the manager and also the organization to know about the strengths and weaknesses, to help understand how best to satisfy and retain employees.

    An exit interview form mainly consists of:
    1. Details of employee (Name, Designation, Reporting Manager, DOJ, etc.)
    2. Reason for leaving in brief
    3. A set of questions which will help in assessing the reasons
    4. Signature of employee, employer
    5. Comments by employer
    An exit interview form can either be filled by the employee alone, or the employer can sit for a process of exit interview which includes discussions on the issues related to his/her departure. This can be recorded in the exit interview form for further analyzing the facts and reasons.

    The attached file consists of the exit interview form for your kind perusal.

    Form-Exit Interview.docx

    Form-Exit Interview.pdf

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