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  • Cool tips for workplace management

    Hi All,
    We are planning to keep some objects on every employer’s desk which could be motivational and colorful; does anyone in this group have any idea about these creative changes?

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    Hi Debalina Roy,
    We have some recent changes in our office which I felt would be the answer for your question, and these are small changes which are implemented in our office:
    1. Placing a fish tank in the main hall such that it is visible to all.
    2. Colorful pen stand in every desk. It consists of a 2 or 3 color pens,Marker, pencil and eraser.
    3. Beautiful flower vases here and there in the hall / Wall - Either plastic flowers or original ones
    4. Cute Coffee Mugs each to every employee - They can have tea in their own cups instead of having it in paper cups.(Keep your logo on those)
    5. Nice water bottles to every employee.
    6. Providing table mats for their lunch.
    7. Colorful curtains for windows.
    Akshata Devi


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      Thanks you have share such a Good information here.
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