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HR Support on Employee Lifecycle Management

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  • HR Support on Employee Lifecycle Management

    The employee lifecycle refers to the various stages of the employment process. It starts from the recruitment phase and does not end until termination. The various stages of the employee lifecycle dictate HR management techniques for that individual employee.

    Some of the more common stages include:

    Recruitment: The employee lifecycle begins before the individual employee is even known. HR considerations start from when the employer conducts its initial search for potential applicants.

    Onboarding: When an employee begins his or her career, the employer will want to perform various trainings and orientations to make sure the employee is aware of his or her responsibilities and comfortable in the new role.

    Promotion: An employee who stays with the employer will likely want to advance within the workplace at an average to speedy rate.

    Termination: Whether the employee quits, retires or is terminated by the employer, at some point the employment relationship will end.

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