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HR- Now in the Front Seat

With altering business setting, Human Resources have also progressed to a significant entity now. HR has evolved from Personnel Relation to many other responsibilities that come with this designation. With new responsibilities allocated, HR has stepped high to become a business partner and complement business to achieve organizational goals.

Surely in many minds, the importance attached to HR is not tangible. The irony is that, even few stakeholders differ to hold HR in that high operational level. In a recent study lead by The Hay Group with 1400 professionals discloses that only 34% of the respondents had the view that HR does make an impression in the business and plays a important role in the same. Even among the management students world there is a general concept that HR specialization can be opted since one loves social networking and above all the HR related subjects are easy to crack. But aren’t we running away from the fact that a HR professional needs to make employees capable & not to merely amuse them, has to add value and deliver business results purposefully.

A change in everyone’s mind can be inspired by the essential as well as extrinsic forces. The new role of Employee Champion and the associated involvements rightly ensures that the organization has a competitive advantage in terms of its workforce. And the new role would be complemented if the associated deliverables should be measurable and should focus on a long term growth of the organization.

Working in silo is not the need of the hour. All the sub functions of HR should work in harmony. The concept of Cross Functional Teams (CFTs) has to be promoted within the HR jobs and with other functions as well. The management of T&D, Recruitment and Compensation & Benefit with Performance Management System has to create synergy. CFTs could be an aid to attain this synergy. As we walk miles, CFTs could evolve into boundary less function as well.

A doctor has to speak in doctor’s language! Few HR jargons are service law related, some meant to sooth employees and some words are exchanged to connect with fellow specialists. Many at time HR uses synonyms when the truth sounds cold and scary. It is always good to keep things simple and easy to understand with HR professional relate with the workforce. In today’s time to an degree HR has been slandered because of the confusing many times complex jargons.

A recent article printed by Times of India quoted; about the transformed role of HR into number crunching business and handles both ranges simultaneously. When it comes to vacancy of business leader, HR head’s chances are as good as a Finance Head or a Marketing Head. People strategies have to be associated with the business imperatives
Among the student world HR is not a famous specialization. One of the strong reason being the remuneration offered by the business houses are low, compared to other specializations. The reason being that when it comes to sales, a candidate would be put directly in the field. And so would be the case in other functions as well. As a fresher one has to understand the distinctions of HR because at the end of the day one would land working on human resources.

With these many cookies in the kitty, Human Resource stands all among many challenges. Managing humans would be more motivated towards a skill and definitely it is an art. One has to carry the self-importance of managing the most precious asset. This domain of the business would always be the back bone and its absence would cost us huge. The untold truth is “HR, Mother of the employees and Wife of the Management”.