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Government Jobs: Underworked and Overpaid? Or, Secure and Comfortable?

Whenever we think about any government job, do we have an image of an employee being overpaid and who hardly works? Let’s give a reality check to this notion of ours.

According to the recent survey conducted by Times of India in Karnataka, 60% of the youth in the state prefer government jobs. What makes government job so desirable? As we know in the changing world economy, recession and all other chaos worldwide, job security is the most important while hunting for a job.
People who are really interested in non-government jobs or being an entrepreneur are very few in number.
There are a vast number of companies paying a very good compensation to their employee, but private sector jobs are still not able to provide a notion of job security to the employees. Today even employees don’t think twice before hopping to some other company for better compensation.

In the existing scenario we have so many people being over qualified for this job, government jobs seem the arena for lifelong job security. We need to ask if only job security is the prime criterion when people look for a job. Along with the job security, people get perks and allowances by the government which makes government jobs lucrative.

Taking a look at these aspects, we know that there is a sense of belonging when people work for a government organization.
In order to gain more insight we can make a comparison between government and private jobs.
Advantages of government sector:

1. In government sector there is lesser workload and pressure to perform.

2. There are more holidays and vacation time.

3. Employees enjoy stable salaries and positions in spite of their poor performance.

4. They get lifelong benefits like health care, housing, pension and provident funds.

Advantages of private sector:

1. Hiring process in private sector is more transparent and takes lesser time.

2. Training methods are new and up to date unlike traditional government trainings.

3. Private jobs are target driven which is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for employees to work and be more efficient.

4. Private sector jobs are more challenging and this brings out the best in an individual.

Bottom Line:
So, it depends on an individual when he makes a choice between the secure and comfortable government job or he wants to go for dynamic, challenging and high paying private job.