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Internship model of Hiring

To avoid any nasty hiring decisions, the internship model is followed and it a model which is appreciated in many companies. Employers are ready to hire the individuals with no experience as interns and the students find the internship, a good option for career development.

An internship gives valuable work experience and puts you ahead of all the other fellow competitors. You would be seen as a viable product in the market as opposed to fresh graduates. With the help of the internship, it is easy to determine the suitability of the field and it also helps to improve your contacts. It also helps you to transit easily from student phase to an employee phase, with confidence.

Not all internships are valuable. Remember that you are not paid or paid less for the work you do and you do not want to spend your time toiling for the company, without learning. You need to rack up the right internships from reputed companies. This is where comes in handy. It provides you a database of the current and future internship programs from various reputed companies, in different industries. This would help you to apply for many internship programs and choose the one, which you find to be suitable for your growth.

Internship and HR
Choosing the right talent is never an easy process. An interview for 30-45 minutes would give you a gist of the candidate’s communication, confidence, educational strength and presentation skills. What about the other important attributes like productivity, innovation, disciple, focus and other intangible elements?
They are the main elements of a successful job placement. The internship programs help you to find a group of interns, who would fall under the basic criteria like educational background and interest in a particular field. You can test the ability of the students in the practical level and rank the students. This would help you to spruce up your manpower. With a successful internship, the retention and productivity would be very high, which makes the hiring process, successful. Do you want to have a group of students who have fresh ideas, specialized strengths, new perspectives and high energy? Do you want to make use of low cost labor for brainstorming and other processes and choose the best one out of them, if needed?
Even if you have no intention of hiring them, you can provide your company with a group of low paid labor, who are eager to learn and contribute to the company for their own knowledge. On the other hand, you are giving back to the community by enhancing the labor market products and helping the students to get a base, in their career ladder.