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Ways to identify fake candidates

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  • Ways to identify fake candidates

    Hi All,
    I would like to know how one should come to know if a resume of a candidate is a real or fake one. Share some ideas on how do you find out if a CV is fake. Are there any simple methods to find it out?

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    Hi Sunanya Joshi,
    They are many ways to find out fake resume / candidate and few of them are:
    1. Ask them for Official Mail Id.
    2. Desk Phone No or extension number.
    3. Ask them to explain in brief about their previous project.
    4. Ask questions based on technologies on which they worked.

    Akshata Devi


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      Hi Akshata Devi,
      Thanks for your quick reply and the information which you have shared is so much useful thanks once again.
      Sunanya Joshi


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        Hi Sunanya,

        Here are some more points from my side to be added
        1. The verification should be done before the offer
        2. The Bank statements is good for checking CTC
        3. Official email id's are a good way
        4. References can be managed; I have had such experiences, so not completely trustworthy
        5. Education seeing the original documents is a good idea; I think we should go ahead and take help of specialized companies to actually get
        it stamped from the respective college / institute. A stamp should be asked for all the original company documents
        6. Project check needs to be done correctly by the tech team. This can also be done by the HR with some knowledge or predefined questions on the technology
        7. HR should also have a lot of Behavior based questions during interviews


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